About Us

Family-owned and operated since 1907


Started by Fred Tank in "downtown" Elmore

Family owned and operated since 1907, Fred Tank started Tank’s in downtown Elmore. At that time only fresh meat and poultry were sold and home deliveries were made by horse and wagon or sled. “F.J” Tank was joined by his son Walter and Elfreda Tank in 1937. It was at this time that a full line of groceries, fruits and vegetables were added making it the first “full service grocery store” in the area. A new slaughter-house was built in 1947 near where the original livestock barn stood – now the current location of the business. The first Swiss sausage maker was brought over in the mid 1950’s at which time a few sausage products began being made. The store in town was closed in 1958 and moved to a small corner of the processing plant. Wholesale business was increased as was home freezer processing.

January 1, 1976 marked the beginning of the third generation when Alois and Marcia Amstutz (daughter of Walter and Elfreda Tank) bought the business. Al was schooled and took his apprenticeship in sausage making and meat cutting in his home of Switzerland, immigrating to the United States in 1964. The product line has greatly increased forcing several more additions to the processing plant. Specialty Swiss and German products were added and are sent to specialty markets around the area and also in Cincinnati.

May of 2009 marked the beginning of the fourth generation taking over, both Eric and Kurt, sons of Al and Marica, have been running things since. Having grown up in and around the business, they quickly decided to concentrate on expanding the wholesale side of the company. In early 2011 they purchased a restaurant wholesaler out of the Toledo area. This helped grow the wholesale side of the business and positioned the company to offer wholesale services to both food service and retail customers. Keeping with tradition, today the fifth generation, Eric and Kurt’s three children as well as Kurt’s wife Julie are working full-time and getting involved. They can be found working and doing all they can to help out in various aspects of the business.